Replacement Staff - Call Centre Agent

The TDSB Call Centre is operated 24 hours per day, 365 days per year, providing emergency and general inquiry services to all TDSB departments and the community. The On/Call  Replacement Call Centre Agent will:

  • Provide telephone answering service for the general TDSB inquiry number;
  • Provide general information to the public (i.e., answers to TDSB FAQs and information as directed by specific administrative departments);
  • Receive and re-direct incoming calls from the TDSB’s main emergency telephone number;
  • Monitor surveillance systems for alarms such as fire, power failure, building systems failure, gas detection, and break-ins;
  • Monitor video surveillance systems;
  • Monitor building automation systems;
  • Operate various types of communication systems (telephone, pagers, 2-way radio, computer, etc.);
  • Log and track incidents; and create emergency maintenance work request notifications