Event Facility Directory Application

Qualified vendors will be requested to sign an Event Facility Vendor Agreement. Following signing of the agreement and the providing of all requested information, Vendors will be added to the TDSB's Event Facility Directory. Vendors are required to provide updated information on an anual basis to maintain their position in the Event Facility Directory.

Providing this information in no way guarantees you will be added to the Event Facility Directory

TDSB conducts business using POs (Purchase Orders) and it is the vendor's responsibility to ensure they can accept POs before completing this application


This application can be saved at any point and returned to at a later time



Purchasing Procedure

TDSB requires all vendors to follow the TDSB Purchase Order (PO) process.  The school creates a PO in SAP. A copy of this PO is emailed to your company.  After services are rendered, the school will release the goods receipt on SAP.  The vendor will submit a detailed invoice to showing the PO number. Payment will be deposited directly into the vendor’s bank account.  Please direct purchasing procedure inquiries to: